Day 2 Part 1 – Fine Arts Quartet

Posted by Liz

The first full day of Music and Beyond started very early with Pre-Concert Yoga at Dominion-Chalmers United Church. Thanks to Sofia for a good stretch! After a quick refresh I returned to Dominion-Chalmers for the Fine Arts Quartet concert at midday.

Fresh from their Gala performance, the Quartet appeared to be in fine fettle, in front of a good-sized audience (my impression was that the church was pretty full for a midday concert). Of the three string quartets performed today, Dohnányi’s String Quartet No 2 in D flat, Op 15, was my favourite. The piece was rich and full of energy, especially the 2nd movement, with all 3 movements featuring many mood changes. Going by the level of applause, the Dohnányi was a definite hit!

The first quartet, Haydn’s String Quartet in F, Op 74 No 2, was extremely well-played and on that level I did enjoy it, although I am generally not really a Haydn fan. After the interval, Zimabalist’s String Quartet in E minor (1931/1959) created a very different atmosphere: lots of drama, variations between lighter and darker, grittier sections and a (to me) film-like feeling in the third movement. That said, I found the Zimbalist piece overall less engrossing than the Dohnányi.

All three quartets were performed superbly; in particular I noticed a fair few brilliantly executed viola and cello ‘solo’ phrases.

A few fellow concert-goers have mentioned tonight’s dilemma – Wallis Guinta in A Lover And His Lass or Music and Dance?! I’ve opted for Music and Dance followed by Rachmaninoff Piano Trios.


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