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National Volunteer Week

To all of our wonderful volunteers!

We would like to take this opportunity to send a truly heartfelt thank you from everyone here at Music and Beyond. All of our new volunteers, those who have come and gone, those who remain to pass on the knowledge and who through their passion for the arts have supported this organization in so many ways! Your actions have had an impact on our staff, patrons, our community, Ottawa and our many international guests. I want to acknowledge as many positions held by our volunteers as I can: office support, translators, drivers, box office, ushers, head ushers, house managers, stage crew, stage managers, production, photographers, archives, computer gurus, proof readers, webmasters, lenders of table cloths and pop up tents, craftsmen and women, project managers, envelope stuffers, researchers, statisticians…

We have shared so many experiences, laughed, and showed our passion for what we truly want this festival to be, which comes down to a family atmosphere and a place where long lasting friendships begin.  Keep up the great work!

Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!!

Nathalie and Gabriella


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A great review for Capital Brassworks and Jan Järvlepp!

Music and Beyond

Posted by Julian Armour
June 12, 2012


Today’s paper had a very nice write-up on last night’s concert with Capital Brassworks:

Bravo for their great playing and hats off to them for premiering a major work by Jan Järvlepp. Jan’s pieces always seem to be huge hit with both musicians and audiences. When the Chamber Players of Canada played his Atlantic Salmon Quintet there was an immediate standing ovation – and we were only at intermission!
Capital Brassworks will be performing at Music and Beyond on July 14th. We will be presenting three of Jan’s works on three different concerts at the festival.

Music and Beyond

2012 Festival Schedule

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Menu planned for Music and Dining!

Music and Beyond

Posted by Julian Armour
June 12, 2012

Three of Ottawa’s top chefs Richard Nigro, Patrick Garland and Chris Tremblay have announced their menu for Music and Beyond’s July 13th “Music and Dining” event. All courses are based on actual pieces of music. A highly creative dining experience!
Beethoven– Variations on Pria ch’io l’impegno (Before I work, I must eat)

Creamy Marinated Quebec Brie Cheese
launched in a crispy phyllo boat,
floating in a sea of strawberry rhubarb soup

 Rossini Le Beurre

Duck, Duck Buttery Rich
Duck Terrine with a fanciful inlay of foie gras torchon and contra-melody of piccalilli, celery remoulade and onion-rosemary bread

 SchubertTrout Quintet  (1st movement)

Fresh Water/Salt Water Fish Dialogue
…on the one hand up the valley smoked trout rillette and
…on the other hand Atlantic Salmon gravlax
having a conversation over gooseberry vinaigrette

Jan JärvleppAtlantic Salmon Quintet (3rd movement)
Beethoven (arr. Hummel) – Pastoral Symphony (1st movement)

Beef in Two Variations:
1st variation allegro quick quick, seared beef, blue butter herb inflections
2nd variation andante moderato, slow, slow, braised
a summer walk in the country collecting a vegetable succotash…

DebussyGolliwog’s Cakewalk

Special Epicuria Cake

TchaikovskyArabian Dance (Coffee) from The Nutcracker

Coffee provided by Bridgehead

Oscar StrausMy Hero from The Chocolate Soldier

Chocolate provided by Stubbe

Richard Nigro writes:
 “I am participating in this evening of music and food as an opportunity to reflect on the meal as an aspect of culture; we eat daily, several times a day, often without thought, it is something that we need to do, but which we often don’t consider beyond the table.  Some of us, some who cook for others, who cook professionally, consider the meal with reference to culinary traditions and contemporary culture.  The influences and styles of the table are parallel to those that shape the arts: as with classical music, classical foods are recreated, sometimes within strictly prescribed annotations that refer to the original dish; at other times, referring to the classic annotations, but rewriting the dish within a contemporary style.  And as with contemporary arts, the flavours of the table are created with reference to current issues: the cultural and culinary community, technology, personal idiosyncrasies and interests.
The process of creating this meal is one of a dialogue: musical notes initiated by Julian with my culinary responses; the circle of conversation grew, on my side to include the chefs who prepared the dishes.  Referring back to Julian’s notes, I provided suggestions of foods, considerations of balance and flavours to those preparing the various courses.  They replied with notes of personal interests and styles.  Together we began to construct a culinary interpretation of the musical notes.The dialogue comes to a conclusion on this evening of Music and Dining.  The concept of the evening is one of integration, not of separation: the whole should be greater than the separate elements. The dinner refers to the music/the music refers to the dinner.  The two share the stage.”

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Winners of the Montreal International Competition announced

Posted by Julian Armour
June 7, 2012



Three winners of the Montreal International Musical Competition were named last night.

Ottawa’s extraordinary young baritone Philippe Sly won first prize (and $30,000!). Huge congratulations to Philippe. He really deserves it.  Even though he is incredibly young – he is only 23 years old – he has one of the most remarkable voices I have ever heard. He joined the Chamber Players of Canada for a concert in March. He has great musical integrity and unbelievably good intonation. He is also a really nice guy. The time we spent working together was a complete delight!

Second Prize was won by a Swiss soprano named Olga Kindler, a very exciting singer that seemed to whip the audience into a frenzy!

Third Prize, was won by another astonishingly good young baritone, John Brancy. John is a young singer who is destined for a huge career. He has it all. A beautiful voice quality, perfect diction, great musical integrity and tremendous stage presence. Watch for him! He will be performing at Music and Beyond on July 5th with another star who has come out of Ottawa – mezzo-soprano Wallis Giunta. Absolutely not to be missed!

And congratulations to all the other contestants and finalists. This was a long gruelling competition. Competitions are tough to begin with. They often have more in common with gladiator sports than with music. Well done Philippe, Olga and John!

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